Wednesday, December 31, 2003

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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Circular No 112

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 27 of December 2003. Circular No. 112
Dear Friends:

From: "Chris Knowles" <>
Date: 24 Dec 01:39 (PST)
Subject: Seasons Greetings, 2003/4.

Dear Family and Friends,
Once again I am doing my thing at the last moment! If you ever receive any holiday communication from me in advance of the occasion you would do well to question whether I am still the person that you know. 'Leopards' and 'spots' comes to mind.
This year, Cindy and Charles and myself have been invited to spend the next three days with my good friend Monty and his family in wettest Norfolk, where part of the directions include 'bring tall boots, and when the road leads into the river just keep going - it is the only paved river in England'. If this experience turns out to be 'exciting' then I will report in due course, otherwise you can assume that my imagination is overworking itself.
To you all, and all others who you know that I know and can pass this message to, I send from the three of us here our Greetings, and our wish that you and yours have a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and Untroubled New Year.
With Love,
Cindy and Charles.
Thank you for the multiple Christmas wishes, like the above. I shall include them one by one during the next weekends.
I am sorry that you were sent multiple cards from the Circular, but I still do not know how to operate the system. As they say better twice than never.
And talking about never, I can inform you that after 112 Circulars there are some classmates, personal friends that have been receiving??? the Circulars but . . . ????? (please interpret).
No worry, I have them in my heart, and I am glad to have met them, around 45 years ago.
I shall send these out every week, work permitting.
Note: If you do not want to receive the correspondence, please let me know, no harm, I know that my prose requires lots of improvement.
Here I am including a compendium of emails from Christopher; I hope that he does not mind that I have included all his unpublished email, even if they are old.
Like I remind you, I print all of your emails, but you must have patience.
From: "Chris Knowles" <>
Subject: Happy Easter.
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 09:51:38 +0100

Dear Friends and Family,
Today is Easter Sunday, and for many of us is a day similar to Christmas, that time of year when we remember all those who are and have been part of our lives and with whom we would like to share some time and company again. This is not always possible, so the next best thing is just to say a quick Hello.
Well, Hello!
Some of you I know that I will see soon, some in a few months or years and some maybe not at all, but you all mean a great deal to me, and I wish you all the Blessings and Greetings of this day, and the continuing favour of the Almighty, difficult to appreciate sometimes, but always there for those of us who need it, and I suppose that just about covers everybody.
Much Love,
Please reply to (Preferred) or to
From: "Chris Knowles" <>
Subject: Happy Birthday!!
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 19:33:10 +0100

Dear Ladislao,
Happy Birthday!!
60 on Easter Sunday! A readymade weekend for celebration. You share the day with Marcus Aurelius, Louis Napoleon III, George Takei (Sulu of Star Trek) and an infamous German Leader. Well, they can't all be nice people.
I always thought that we were the same age, but now I see that I should have thought of you as an 'old boy'. I am almost eleven months younger that you (First March 1944), but I am sure, judging from bits and pieces from your Mount Circulars, that you are
far more fit and adventurous than I am. Whenever we meet I am sure that I will be able to confirm that.
Seriously though, enjoy this significant milestone, keep well, and God's Blessings on you and yours.
From: "Chris Knowles" <>
Subject: MSB Quiz 2 150, Newsletter 77.
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 20:39:03 +0100

Is this either Gerald Most or Csaba Jacobsen? The face is familiar.
I think if it was not one of my choices this person was at MSB in the late 50s, early 60s.
By the way, where does the first quiz appear?
I have not received No 76, so if possible please send it to me.
Chris Knowles.
From: "Chris Knowles" <>
Subject: MSB Quiz No 3.
Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 21:06:43 +0100

Dear Ladislao,
Thanks for the repeat of No 76. After I received it I found the original, which I had filed in the wrong place.
You enquired about my sister Frances. As you may remember, she was married to Graham Gonsalves, but unfortunately they parted company some fifteen or more years ago. She is well, in TT, and is working for the administration office of the Catholic Church for the Antilles area, and is also a full time abuela, which she enjoys immensely. She and Graham have three grandchildren (from daughter Joanna). She and Graham keep in touch with one another.
For Quiz No 3, the people in the photo are:
Michael Howard, Ladislao Kertesz, Jose (Pepe) Braggio and Fr Cuthbert.
You didn't give the answer to No 2.
Please let us know.
Best Wishes,
From: "Chris Knowles" <>
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 04:13:11 +0100

Dear Ladislao,
Hear are a few bits of information.
Basanta, dayboy from Tunapuna, is David Basanta.
Some nicknames:
Graham Gonsalves - Big Beaver.
His younger brother Brent was Small Beaver.
Richard Gransaull was Muscle Toe Joe.
Brian Goddard was Kid Spider.
God Bless,
Chris Knowles.
From: "Chris Knowles" <>
Subject: Old Boys.
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 01:11:45 +0100

Dear Ladislao,
Somehow I have not received No 80 and 81. Could you send me these items?
I have just received No 82 and the information about the difficulties with the web page. Maybe you can contact Anthony through his brothers Bernard and Claude, assuming that the Anthony in question is the one that I knew.
As for your question about the future life of the web page - I sincerely hope that Anthony or another Old Boy will be able to move it forward. Maybe Graham, as he certainly has the skills, but I don't know about his other circumstances. As for me, all my MSB stuff is in Trinidad and I am in England, (I had thought that I had some here, but no) so until I go home on holiday next year I will
have only my faltering memory to rely on. I know that this is not the helpful reply that you would have liked to see, but it is all I can say at the moment.
Best Regards,
Chris Knowles.
Caracas, 28 of June 2003.

Dear Chris,
I am sorry that you have not received some of the circulars, I shall send them in due time.
Do you have a photo either from a trip, company photo, condecoration, knighthood, mug shot, etc., that you can send?
I hope that I can meet you when you get to TT. Who knows?
The WEB page is still with no takers, although Boxhead is after a solution and has offered to pay one year costs?
I would like to be also a one year contributor as soon as the future is clear.
So keep well and send the photo and any information that might make tears run!!!
God Bless
From: "Chris Knowles" <>
Date: 28 Jul 19:16 (PDT)
Subject: Reunion.

Dear Friends,
Much as I would like to attend, I cannot make it to the reunion.
I am living in England (and will be here for at least three years more, I think) and unfortunately cannot make a trip to TT this year.
Enjoy the event!
When it is over send commentaries and evidence!
I look forward to hearing about it.
Best Wishes to All, Very Old, Old, and Not So Old,
Christopher Knowles,
MSB 1955 to 1960.
Sorry to inform you that I have not had news from Pepe Braggio this year, hope he is well!!.
I have no address for David Basanta, can anyone help???
I suggest that you write and place yourself in the pages of history, who knows I might ask V.S. Naipaul to write a few lines. I have meant to ask him for a few lines on MSB.

God Bless
Listado: C112.xls
Photo: 1989 Rear monastery
2003 029 Clinton Ross
Column: David Bratt - ire sweet

Listado C112.xls

Names Form V Contact Nickname Business address Phone, e-mail
Moffat, Andrew


Moffat, Lindsey


Moffat, Nigel 1966 gabby Pnhead Uk???

Moffie, Edgar 1972 cosca
YV maturin (0291) 643 7455
Moffie, Eloy 1973 cosca
YV maturin (0283) 255 1587
Mohammed, Azizul 1972 glen

Mohammed, Gangoo

Mohammed, Kahn
TT Sangre grande
Monplasir, Stuart
St. Lucia,
Monterola, Miguel

Montiel, Alfredo 1972 cosca fofeo YV ccs (0212) 263 6111
Montiel, Gonzalo 1970 glen
YV San Juaquin
Mora, Stan

Morales, Daniel

Morales, Luis


Saturday, December 20, 2003

Circular No 111

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 20 of December 2003. Circular No. 111
Dear Friends,
Here we are again a few days before Christmas, the third Christmas for the CIRCULAR.
Hoping that all is well for you and that you are ready to celebrate another year of achievements.
I miss the comments from Terry Vieira, from whom I got a nice Christmas resume last year.
I want to thank you for the multiple email cards that the CIRCULAR received.
But now back to business:
From: "Stuart Henderson"
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 14:53:51 -0400

Hi Ladislao,
Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list despite having never responded to your circulars. Your efforts over the years must be lauded and I'm sure many “Mount boys" are grateful for your work.
Now that I have some time ("in between jobs" as they say) I can fill you in on a few personal facts.
After leaving the Abbey School in 1964 (and experiencing 6 1/2 enjoyable years on the hill) I attended university in Canada. I graduated in 1968 in Social Sciences, and then went to the Mexico Olympic Games (as a spectator and an unforgettable 2 weeks) before coming home to start in the advertising world.
Since then I have spent 20 years in advertising and about 12 in the oil field /industrial sector. - a variety of experience but none of a specialist or high
income nature. Right now I am examining 3 or 4 projects (one is a 'party' boat charter in Chaguaramas) and see myself working for some time to come- unlike some Mount contemporaries who retired years ago and seem to be living the good life.
Thank God I still feel relatively young and healthy enough to play football, tennis and some golf.
I married Rosemary de Verteuil (sister of Paul and Raymond and a regular visitor to the Mount in her teenage years) in 1977 and we have 2 daughters. In their 20's who have both done well academically. We live in a town house near the sea in Westmoorings which is also home to Anthony Hart, Jeff Gransaull, Jean de Meillac, Gerald Kenny, 4 Herreras and my 2 brothers, Roger and Hugh. I won't bore you with any more details at this stage and will stop here to attend to the mechanic fixing my car. Do car repairs ever stop?
Stuart Henderson (cush).
N.B. I have quite a few 1960s photos and can pass them on to Gerald Kenny for scanning /forwarding-if you want.
Please send the photos!!!!!
I need the email and or telephone number of Anthony Hart, to place him in the Circular list!!!
I have been unable to contact Jean de Meillac, please help!!!!
I have only three Herreras, Geoffrey, Hamish and Michael, who was the fourth????
I have a lot of De Verteuils but no Paul and Raymond!!!!
Dear Stuart, you can never bore the Circular, all news, even the smallest is welcome.
A short note from Don:

Hi Ladislao,
Of course you are correct. The Sports Day parade band was the scout band.
Thanks for the photo.
My big news is that I am now about to begin the Criminal Assizes on Tuesday: 5 murders and over 25 other misdemeanours and felonies, including burglaries, rapes, and woundings for the jury! It will not be enjoyable.
All the best,
Hi Ladislao,
Many thanks for the circular. How cute to see again the old Viscount. That was our jet age aircraft. It brought us out of the dark ages of the old Dakota aircraft left over from the War.
I enclose for your amusement a photo of me "inspecting the police" at the opening of the criminal Assizes last week.
Ignore the address from which this message is coming. I am in Anguilla only for
the weekend.
All the best,
Hi Ladislao,
Thanks for the photo. The kids seem to be very happy.
No, judges in the OECS have not worn wigs since the year 1972.
My wig now only gets used by the schoolchildren who borrow it each year for a school play.
In Antigua, as in Anguilla, the Trade Winds blow constantly, at about 40 kilometers per hour. Yes, it was a windy day.
Keep well,
PS: Attached is a photo of my son at the bottom of the garden. (photo of Mars,
Don´s pet! Ed.)
Some more information on Scouts.
From: "Anthony Cintra"
Date: 2 Dec 19:36 (PST)

Dear Ladislao,
Yes, there was another scout troop 3rd Mount St. Benedict.
They were "Air Scouts" and the founder was the late Fr. Leo.
Later they were amalgamated with 2nd Mount St. Benedict.
I shall call Maillard Howell tomorrow and give him the web site.
I shall also call Imbert and Assam and let them know how to get onto the site.
I shall give details of the badges then required to become a Queen's Scout in those days soon, suffice it to say we had to earn a lot.
In my time there were the Hendersons, Xaviers, Cedenos, Galts, Pampallones, Huttons, the Ames brothers, Marfisi, Prada, Day, Boddington, Sanchez to name a
From: "laci kertesz"
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 18:19:35 -0800 (PST)

Dear Anthony,
Since you are in TT, Please contact your friend Millard so that I can get into touch with him.
Also if you meet Colim Imber, and Assam Mervyn, I am sorry to ask you if these government officials are not in the same tendencies??? but these are oldboys according to the list.
Hope you have a nice family reunion!!
Nice Scoutmastership! back to the old days.
There are reports that there where two scout troops in your time, and that there was an aviation or what ever it was called, troop also. That would make it Three troops? Can you confirm.
Are there names available??? troop leader, members?? What were the different badges needed to get into Queen´s Scout, or was it King´s scout???
Sorry for the many questions but I arrived in 1955, September, and then I took about six months to loosen my tongue.
God Bless
---------------------------------------------------------------- -----
On Mon, 01 Dec 2003 12:13:54 +0000, "Anthony Cintra" wrote:

Dear Ladislao,
Sorry! I really do not know who or what to blame, perhaps it is the telephone system or not being fully au courrant with this new laptop.
I had written thanking you for all the circulars which I continue to receive and enjoy reading even when I was in Hamburg in September and October. It was upon receipt of a circular that I was able to contact Fr. Francis via e-mail.
I am back in Trinidad until I am asked to return to Hamburg which could be at any time as I am a full time judge at the Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS). By the way if you need any information on ITLOS the web site is In fact you can read brief backgrounds of all the judges including the one from Trinidad and Tobago.
It has been rather hectic since my return, meetings with the President, the Prime Minister and others who are interested in the work of ITLOS; and a function hosted by our children for our 40th anniversary and appointment to ITLOS.
Our grandson and granddaughter came over from Canada with their parents for the celebration.
By the way score another for our school and Second Mount St. Benedict. I was elected to serve as President of the Boy Scouts' Association of Trinidad and Tobago for the next three years.
I did ask "why me?" before being elected but in true tradition I will do my best.
I feel certain that I am joining many others when I say that what you are doing is invaluable.
It is good to keep on touch with old friends through circulars.
With best wishes,
God Bless.
From: "Anthony Cintra"
Date: 16 Dec 06:04 (PST)
Subject: Howell

Dear Ladislao,
I spoke to Vernon de Lima at the funeral yesterday re Howell (Bullets).
He has promised to send, as soon as possible, Bullets' telephone and e-mail numbers which I shall forward to you.
The "old"and "new" abbots officiated at the funeral Mass. Justice Baird and I were two of the six bearers. It was an honour and privilege to bear Cammy who in his own way carried so many of us.
God bless,
I hope that you have been receiving the Christmas cards that the CIRCULAR is sending out. If you have not received one please inform me! There might be problems with the automatic e mail program.
God Bless
Listado: C111.xls
Photos: Bro. Gerard and Salvador
Mars, Don´s dog
Anthony lucky receiving
Column: David Bratt – A beautiful corner
Listado C111.xls

Names Form V Contact nicknames business address Phone, e-mail
Menendez, Jorge Luis

Mew, Timothy 1958 roge Gunrat

Mew, William

Mezzana, Antonio

Mezzana, Luis Alfredo 1967 pablo
YV, Caripe, (0292) 545 1648
Mezzana, Roberto
YV, Caripe,

Michieli, Daniel Roberto
YV Pto. La Cruz
Mickiewicz, Antoni Jerzy (RIP) glen

Mickiewicz, Yuri

Miller, John D.

Quebec, Canada,
Minet, Alain Gustavo

Mitchell, Don 1963 lk Boxhead Anguilla (264) 497 2139
Mitchell, Gordon 1964 gabby
gemces (868) 623 2760
Modeste, George


Saturday, December 13, 2003

Circular No 110

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 13 December 2003. Circular No. 110
Dear Friends,

From: "Anthony Lucky
Date: 9 Dec 06:24 (PST)
Subject Sad news

Dear Ladislao,
At about 7.40 this morning Bro Marius of the Abbey at the Mount called to let me know that Bro.Camillus (of Pax honey fame) had died a few minutes before he called. He and others at the Mount knew that "Cammie"and I were very good friends. We got to know each other when i was a student at the Abbey School and the friendship continued during and after I returned from studies in London.
May his soul rest in peace.
God bless,

Monk of Mount St Benedict Abbey, Trinidad

With a passion for discussing politics and a penchant for playing “All-Fours,” Bro Camillus took life seriously. As the apiarist at the Mount for many years, he had a smile as sweet as honey, and a tongue that stung like a bee. “Cammy”, as his brother monks fondly called him had a big heart. He gave the appearance of a stern countenance, but always charmed those who ventured beyond this façade.

At his Confirmation in St John the Baptist Church, Plaisance, Guyana, on Trinity Sunday, June 11, 1933, Ivan chose the name Benedict, and in so doing prophetically indicated his future decision to become a Benedictine monk. He was only eight years at the time, having been born on October 03, 1924. At the age of 23, having read an article in a Catholic Standard edition of June 1947, Ivan Culley was drawn to the Benedictine way of life. There were no Benedictine monks in Guyana at the time. However, a visit by the late Dom John Chrysostom Lee Sing from Mount St Benedict in that same year captured his imagination. It was Fr Lee Sing who had written that article which was the turning point in the life of the young Ivan.

Two years later, on his 25th birthday, Ivan left his job as a Town Constable in the City of Georgetown to join the monastery in Trinidad. And from that day, he never turned back. On the successful completion of his novitiate, he pronounced his monastic vows on November 30, 1952. Bro Camillus loved to read and his favourite author was the Trappist monk, Thomas Merton. He had a great love for the psalms and the rosary.

For those outside the monastery, he was well known as the apiarist behind the success of PAX Honey at the Mount. A summer course on apiculture at Pennsylvania State University in 1968 enhanced his skills, which were not only employed at the Abbey, but also in Barbados and St Vincent, where he advised the respective Governments on various aspects of bee-keeping.

For his fellow monks, “Cammy” was known more for his community-mindedness, his sense and appreciation of the past, and his child-like trust in God. He was a faithful friend! We will miss him for these qualities. Cricket enthusiast that he was, he knew that some day his innings would have to close. And this it did on Tuesday, 09 December 2003. He was clean bowled, but he had batted well. The game continues … the match is not yet over! God bless you Cammy!

All-powerful Father, by the resurrection of your Son from the dead, death has no power over those who have fallen asleep in the true faith. With this confidence, we pray for your servant, Camillus, who served you in the monastic life while in this world. Mercifully give him a dwelling place in the bosom of Abraham together with all the saints from the days of Adam until our present time, and make us all worthy of your heavenly kingdom. We ask this through Christ our Lord.
From: "Anthony Cintra"
Date: 12 Dec 07:06 (PST)

Dear Friends,

By now you would have heard of the death of Bro.Camillus Culley. He will be buried on Monday 15 December after a funeral Mass at the Abbey.
Bro. Marius called this morning to ask whether I would be one of the bearers, needless to say I immediately agreed. Hon. Justice Melville Baird of the supreme Court here, another very good friend of Cammie, will also bear the coffin.
Cammie was a good friend, whenever I visited the Mount I ensured that we spent some time together discussing current topics.
I must add from the inception my career: as a practicing attorney, state prosecutor, magistrate, secretary of the Law Commission, counsel at the Royal bank, judge of the High Court, than appeal court and now a judge at ITLOS.
The monks knew that for the past fifteen years I "elected him de facto abbot, so much so that whenever I arrived at the Nount I was asked which abbot I wanted to see . We all shared a good laugh over that.
But the old order changeth, yielding place to new; and God fulfills Himself in many ways lest one good custom should corrupt the world.
It seems to me that almost all of the monks who were at the Abbey in my time have passed on. Men such as: Fr Chrys; Fr. Peter; Fr Ildefonse, Fr. Leo: Fr. Paul; Fr. Jerome; Fr Anslem; Fr. Bernard; Bro. Anthony; Bro. George; and Fr. John Osborne.
I just hope and pray that those who are still here will be around for a long time
God bless.
From: Raymond Devaux
Date: 9 Dec 17:25 (PST)

Dear Ladislao,
You sent a message to my brother, Alain Devaux, saying that you are looking for myself who attended Mt St Benedict in the nineteen forties and also for my other brother Patrick Devaux whose e-mail is: ( or
Alain Devaux also attended Mt St Benedick in the nineteen fifties.
Unfortunately I do not know any of the people that you mention in your e-mail but I would like to hear from you.
I live in Montreal, Canada during the summer months and in Ft Lauderdale, Florida during the winter months.
Raymond Devaux
From: "Robert Huggins"
Date: 10 Jun 14:46 (PDT)

Hi Las,
As long as the MSB net work continues I will try to put in my 2 cents. It's sad to see that so many went there but so few want to write about the things that we did while there. I don't think that our stay was that bad that everybody wants to forget what they did, at least I don't. Also I don't think that people are so busy that they can't spend 5 minutes to talk about their time at MSB. Any how, I suppose that is life, and the world we live in.
No Las, I didn't build model airplanes, instead I watched you build rockets and try to get them to fly. But that's another story.
Actually my sports activity was swimming. I was also giants B captain of the football and volley ball team, both championships which we won. I also played cricket, and anything else that looked good.
Have no fear my friend I will try and put something together soon, but I need to get the cobwebs out of this old brain and try to remember some of the things we did. I may have to try and contact Don Mitchell as I know he, his brother Gordon and I were always doing some crazy thing.
God Bless,
From: "Ladislao Kertesz"
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2003 6:28 PM

Dear Robert,
I am glad that you wrote, the email of Manuel is:, His box is full at this time.
I need your help for articles or short stories.
Boxhead told me that the rocket did fly??? Can you remember??
Did you build model airplanes???
What was your sports activity?
I just contacted a swimming coach that trained lads and lasses at our pool.
Some three years ago. The club is called, "The abbey aqua lads and lasses swimming club"
There is a little story on it. Maybe I shall write on it.
Did you remember Fr. Francis? and the singing?
I am asking you all this to get new writers for the Circular Writers Guild now that the strike is over.
So long my friend
God Bless
On Thu, 8 May 2003 08:21:48 -0700, "Robert Huggins" wrote:

Hi Las,
Since I don't have Manuel's address Can you find out from him what scout patrol he was in? I am trying to remember a prank that a bunch of us pulled on scout camp at Mayaro.
Friends you should know that I am having problems in keeping up to the volume of emails and have had to increase the number of pages to 5. I hope that you do not mind in waiting while I include your email in the CIRCULAR, thank you for helping me.
I am lacking stories and names form the mid 1970s to 1985.
There seems have been a slow down in the activities and The Abbey School, why???
Maybe Miguel Gonzalez can tell us???

God Bless
Listado: C110.xls
Photos: Dornellas: Fr.Cuthbert dornellas
Mitchell: 027 berment
Column: David Bratt


Listado C110.xls

Names Form V Contact Nickname business address Phone, e-mail
McCoy, Glenn

McCoy, Hudson

McCoy, Michael

Mccoy, Vincent

McLean, Hugh

Mechdessies, Joseph

Mechdessies, Raymond

Medico, Giorgio

Mejias, C

Mellone, Luciano 1975 cosca whg YV Pto ordaz (0286) 922 8091
Mendes, Emmanuel

Mendes, John OSB, Bishop

Mendoza, Alfredo

Mendoza, Ramon Eduardo glen


Saturday, December 06, 2003

Circular No 109

Newsletter for past alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 6 of December 2003. Circular No. 109
Dear Friends,

One of the newcomers to the Circular:
From: "Natividad Cabello"
Date: 11 Nov 10:02 (PST)

Tengo que agradecerte el tiempo que dedicaste a hablar conmigo para tratar de incluirme entre los contactos de los viejos estudiantes del The Abbey School. Cuando me llamaste pensé que estabas llamando a mi hermano Winston Cabello quien
estuvo estudiando 1ro, 2do y 3er Año, también mi primo Miguel Ángel estuvo un año mas que hermano. Yo apenas estuve estudiando el 1er Año y de verdad que los amigos que tenía están la mayoría en Caripe Edo Monagas quienes estuvieron en ese Colegio mucho tiempo y los veo de vez en cuando estoy de vacaciones. En estoy momentos estoy dedicado a mi familia, trabajo y la parte espiritual casi que no me dejan tiempo para más nada, mas aun cuando no domino el idioma Ingles bien.
De todas maneras gracias por todo y que tenga el mejor de los éxitos en la organización que pretendes realizar.

-------------------English version----------- Babel fish version
Ladislao: I have to thank you for the time that you have dedicated to speak with me, trying to include me between the contacts of the old students of the The Abbey School. When you called me I thought that you were calling my brother Winston, who
studied Form 1, 2 and 3, also my cousin Miguel Angel who went one more year than brother. I only did Form 1, and my friends were mainly from Caripe Edo Monagas, who were in School for a longer time. I see them once in a while when I am on vacations.
At this time I am dedicated to my family, work and the spiritual part, I have almost no time for anything, even though I do not dominate the Ingles language well.
Anyway thanks for everything and I wish you success in the organization which you
try to make. Greetings.
From: "Csaba Jakobszen"
Date: 10 Nov 05:27 (PST)
Subject: online again!

Hello Ladislao,
At last I'm online again! As I had let you know some months ago it had been our intention to move to Spain for good and we'd bought an apartment in the vicinity of Valencia more than 6 years ago. Now, thank God, we are finally here and enjoying fully the benefits of this subtropical climate which cannot be compared to the weather of central Europe.
I am actually in a kind of a "pre-retirement" stage and will retire officially in May 2004 when I'll be 65 years old. Right now, my wife and I are pretty busy with all the changes we want to realise in the apartment, but in a month or two we should have most of these things done and then I’ll have more time to engage in more frequent communication with you and the "Mount boys".
As far as personal achievements go, I can brag about the fact that in August I've also become grandfather as my daughter Christine bore a son!
My new Tel/Fax is: +34 96 117 5109 and Postal address: Apartado de Correos Nº 122 E-46220 Picassent (Valencia)
I¨ll be very grateful if you start sending me again all the circulars which you do so well and with which you contribute so much to help so many of us to re-establish contact with so many dear old friends.
Un abrazo
From: "Donald Goddard"
Date: 9 Nov 08:06 (PST)

Dear Ladislao:
Please don't even think about giving up your great work of maintaining the Mount Boys informed about one another's whereabouts and about the old place. I believe that most of us really do enjoy receiving your newsletter although our feed back at times is not continuous. In my case, it's been two weeks since I checked my email at home and of the many I found this time, your MSB circular is one of those I like to read.
Best Wishes to all.
Donald Goddard
Now what is the news on Jeffrey Gransaull? Here is a transcript, thanks to Internet.

Not only was the Racing Class winner a surprise to the line up at the overall prize giving, but we had two, "not so new", but new to the winnings, both Cruising and Cruiser Racer non spinnaker classes.
Firstly, "Budget Nautique" skippered by Dominic Wallace and crewed by the staff of Budget Marine Chandlery Trinidad sailed consistently well and managed to obtain the overall position of Cruising non-spinnaker class.
In the Cruiser Racer non-spinnaker class, "Spirit of St. Nick" skippered by Jeffery Gransaull took home the overall trophy.
We are delighted that our local yachtsmen came out on top and are extremely proud of them in all their accomplishments.
Cruiser-Racer Class (non-spinnaker)
1st place Spirit of St. Nick J. Gransaull
2nd place Wayward J. Mc. Quilkin
3rd place Hugo H. Bailey
From: "Michael Howard"
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 12:54:48 -0400

Hi Ladislao,
I see that you are coming on the 14th for a few days. Why don't we get together on the following Wednesday the 21st for dinner. You can call me in the office at 665-5555 or at home at 632-1531.
I was in Canada recently and met my cousin Roland d'Ababie who has lived there for many years. He was very interested to hear about the web site. Here is his address etc.
Roland d'Abadie
297 Hounslow Ave
North York
Ontario M2R 1H4
Phone (416) 785 7935 Fax (416) 785 7939
I also met Frank de Matas in the office recently. If you remember he used to teach at the Mount. He promised to send me an e-mail address which I have not received as yet. His telephone # is (868) 662-3562 (I STILL WOULD LIKE TO GET HIS EMAIL ADDRESS. Ed.)
Bernard d'Abadie who is Roland's younger brother also promised to send me his e-mail address, which I have also not received as yet.
You might have noticed that slowly I have been sending out Xmas cards, please reply to let us know that you are well and your email address is correct.

I would like to remind those that have not written that I have reserved a space for them in future issues. Remember that I can only publish those exchanges that have taken place, and if you do not write I cannot publish your news.

I mention this, because I know that some of you resent that I include and copy certain individuals while there is no mention of your name. Those that write more frequently are going to appear most often.

Also I ask patience for those that have written and do not see their articles; I have made a list of Circulars that has stretched to about five issues, (something unheard of). Also you have seen that the Circular is longer, in my format it usually takes up four pages.

God Bless

Listado: C109.xls
Photo: Dornellas, fr. Marius, fr.Christopher by Dornellas, Graham Gonsalves by Gioanneti
Column: David Bratt Letter from Talavera


Listado C109.xls

Names Form V Contact nicknames business address Phone, e-mail
Marini, Giovanni

YV (416) 925 2366
Markus, Kitty Teacher

TT (868) 663 1173
Marquez, Bruce

Martin, David

Fr. Martin 1958 maurice

Mata, Pedro Jose

Mathas, Trevor

Mathieu, Ronald

Mayuen, Joseph

McCartney, Richard

Mccoy, Glen

McCoy, Glenn

McCoy, Hudson

McCoy, Michael

Mccoy, Vincent